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  Getting Started
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  Your Assessment

The Process - Your Assessment

Our Assessors are a team of fully-accredited, independent educators with proven track records in both CPD and school improvement.

The CPD Mark Assessor assigned to your school or college will liaise closely with your key CPD contact to arrange a convenient time for the visit. The Assessment will not be an “inspection”. It will involve discussing key sources of evidence such as your policy documents, SEF, SIP etc., as well as a series of discussions with a range of personnel who will represent your school or college.

The list of people the Assessor may wish to meet will be agreed with you in advance, but could include:

  • the CPD Co-ordinator
  • a member of the governing body
  • the Headteacher
  • middle leaders
  • long-established staff
  • newly qualified teachers
  • learning support staff
  • associate staff
  • effective partnerships

The Assessor will evaluate the quality of the evidence provided to support each of the 6 criteria. See Guidance for Compiling Evidence and The Evidence Focus for Each of the Criteria. 

Following your assessment, your portfolio of evidence will be independently moderated. Each of the criteria will be graded A, B or C. In order to satisfy the award, you should have grades in the region of 90% A/B (with at least 60% A's).  

Evidence graded as C and some graded B will form the recommendations for further action.

Usually, there will be specific areas for further development which will be identified through the grading. The final evaluation report will include specific recommendations for further development.

The CPD Mark award is valid for three years. The CPD status of your school or college and your commitment to long-term development can be reviewed annually.