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Support & Resources - Ofsted/Estyn & SEF requirements

The CPD Mark process involves the governors and all the stakeholders in the school and in the wider community to drive school improvement and identify priorities for action.

Once you decide to complete the CPD Mark you will have access to the Framework, the Starting Points document and detailed exemplar material.
In addition to this, below is an overview enabling you to match your evidence against Ofsted/Estyn criteria, your SEF and ECM/Safeguarding/Wellbeing outcomes.

The inspection criteria covered by the CPD Mark Framework are:

  • standards of achievement
  • personal development  - the provision of good and varied opportunities for training and development for all staff
  • quality of teaching and learning
  • quality of curriculum and assessment
  • quality of leadership and management
  • effective partnerships

The CPD Mark process addresses every one of these key criteria and the independently verified evidence you provide in order to attain the CPD Mark will be an invaluable resource for future inspections.

Your Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

The portfolio of evidence you complete to support your application is a rich source of information for completing your SEF.  Leadership and management aspects covered by the CPD Mark Framework include:
  • pupil achievement
  • target-setting
  • assessment for learning
  • tracking pupil progress
  • governor involvement accountability and responsibility
  • involvement with effective partnerships, accountability and responsibility
  • delegation
  • CPD provision and effectiveness
  • coaching and mentoring
  • development planning
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • appraisal
  • lesson observation
  • inclusion
  • Every Child Matters/Safeguarding/Wellbeing
  • professional standards for teachers
  • National Occupational Standards for support staff
  • effective partnerships

Please contact the CPD Mark team on 0800 881 8040 for a selection of exemplar material.