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Guidance for compiling your evidence

Guidance for compiling your evidence for assessment:
The CPD Mark team will evaluate the quality of the evidence you provide to support each criterion and support you at every stage through to final assessment.
As it is very important to us that the CPD Mark process is not a time-consuming exercise, we are keen to help you to avoid extra work where possible.

When completing the evidence base for the Assessor, your school should highlight where the evidence is to be found. You are NOT required to collate bulky portfolios of evidence. It is, therefore, not essential to reproduce the evidence, as much of it can be cross-referenced to documents such as minutes of meetings, policies etc. You should indicate who the Assessor needs to meet in order to verify your evidence.


Where CPD has a direct impact on outcomes please ensure that reference to this is clearly identified within the evidence.
For further information see:

Sample pages of the Framework*

The evidence focus for each of the Framework criteria

Sample pages of a Mapping Document  This document enables you to match your evidence against your SEF, ECM outcomes and Ofsted criteria

Your Assessment

Sample Assessment Reports
"The CPD Mark provides a comprehensive set of criteria which helps to gauge the quality of your CPD provision against the school’s needs.  The process of drawing together the various evaluated pieces of evidence was also useful as we are currently reviewing both our School Improvement Plan and our SEF and this evidence added to our other evidence streams."
The Headteacher/CPD Lead of Primary School in Greater London

* Contact the CPD Mark team on 0800 881 8040 for sample pages of the Framework which includes evidence completed by schools and the Mapping  Document.